Original Songs

Here’s a sampling of music (mostly originals!) via playlists on Soundcloud…

London – Short Set at the Chiswick IV

Four originals with a UK theme: I Like the Beatles (But I’m Feeling More Stones), Gyroscope Heart, Blues Royalty and Bad Whiskey Mood.

Mellow (Recent Roughs)

Bluesy Country Soul


MP3s (repeats of above, just another format!)

Lucky For You

This melancholy, bluesy song was inspired by talking with strangers in hotel bars, especially when I travel on business. Hotel bars are kind of an equalizer — people are often a little bit lonely, willing to talk a little later than usual and sometimes surprised by the people they meet and conversations they have….

It Gets Better

This song came to me quickly, after hearing a tragic story, feeling helpless and wanting to send a message of hope…particularly to young people. It can be hard to see the big picture when you’re a teenager.  I’ve been playing this acoustically for the last couple years, and had some great local players join me in the studio for this version.

Gamblin’ Girl 

Gambling Girl compares the game of poker to the game of love. Not necessarily advocating either. 😉

82 Day Late Fee

It’s a true story, I received a Comcast bill once that had an “82 day late fee” line item and dollar amount. I paid it. Listen to the song to find out how much it was. I wrote the lyrics and I sing this rack recorded with Soul Junket, a NH-based original band performing around early 2000s.

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