Creative Roughs

Ideas, Originals In Progress and Random Stuff…

The title says it all. Not for sharing without discussion. This is all copyrighted 2017 original music and lyrics by Hannah Smalltree.

Fresh Bud Light – Novelty Hip Hop

Steve likes to drink Bud Light – now I do too. This song is all about it. And has a break down for some Bud Light themed percussion.

Bad Whisky Mood – Bluesy 

Performing this live more, bridge needs work!

Shot of Hope – Acoustic

New song inspired by calling psychics. Good ones.

Blues Royalty – Jazzy

I wrote this years ago, and just sketched it out at Lerox. All different princely puns.


May I Possess You – Ambient

I wrote this with the incredible bandura, 56 stringed instrument, of Myhalo K in mind. I have a longer version in mind. The click track bled through on this recording too.

Fair Currency – Indie-ish

Indie rock kinda sad song. Very Mazzy Star-ish. Very 90s Indie Boston upstairs at TT the Bears or something.

All About Me – Acoustic

This song celebrates nights home alone. This has a guitar, my uke version rhythm is a bit different. We couldn’t quite find it. Work in progress. You can hear the click track too!